Sunday, February 27, 2005

shopping warfare

Being the usual shopping-ponderer I am, I sat on a gold-bronze-brown shrug for 2 days.

2 days.

and that's all the time it took to sell out.

I made the poor retail guy ring all these outlets, until we found 3 in Chapel. Then he told me that some Bridezilla was coming in to buy them for her bridesmaids.

The basic thoughts that ran through my head were:

Attack of the Bridezilla!

Who the hell makes their bridesmaids wear shawls during a wedding? Especially when they're BROWN?????????

Stupid cow. She's fucking cheap if she's getting THAT as a thank you present. It's like $50 a pop. For a wedding? I'd rather she do something NICE. Like give me a neck massage. Free, and more thoughful. Who wants to be a cookie-cutter bridesmaid anyway???

And after all that, the words that came out of my mouth were:

Put a hold on ONE. I'll collect it tomorrow.

At least her bridemaids will thank me for it.

esprit's collection this season is TOO GOOD!

(also eyeing a white trench - too big!, a blue trench - haven't tried, and a black floppy necked sweater. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm)


a PIMPIN' white (faux only please) fur jacket.

a skirt from cue

1 crisp white shirt from ink

1 unique tie skirt from ink.

lace v-neck wayne cooper ripoff from witchery.

and that valentine's day special corset from BNT.


bun said...

I love real fur. I have a rabbit fur handbag (don't know if it's angora). I hope to own a mink coat someday. PETA can go hang :p

bun said...

Hmm. If you meant that the skirt is made out of men's ties, it's not an original idea. Jean Paul Gaultier did that some years ago.

redshot said...

Wow all those shopping ... almost way overload for retail therapy .. but then again, there can never be too much of retail therapy, can there ?

Neil said...

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