Sunday, February 06, 2005

nonsense and yummy men

I swear if Mr. Act-Cool wasn't gay, I'd have the hugest full-blown crush on him ever. But as it is, I don't. Sorry AC. Besides, I like to think that I'm borderline asexual.

He's my kinda good-looking, (he's even got eyes that slant slightly upwards!) he's extremely intelligent, he likes the kinda books I read, I can talk to him, he's not quiet, he's opinionated, he walks me to the tram stop (whoa) and he feels me up in front of my colleagues. (and his husband)

He's also had an aussie high-school education (like me) and he's in archi, likes photography, food, travel and dogs.

but of course in the real world, we all know that this kind of guy would also have a huge ego, and be totally totally majorly taken by someone taller, skinner, prettier, bitchier, better, smarter, richer, bling-er..... with a waiting list over 10 people long with you right. at. the. bottom.

and it's always never a good idea to fall for someone like that.

Then again, if a straight guy tried to feel me up in public I'd slap him. Unless I found him hot, and I was in a very very very cavernous dark corner of some club where everyone else is too busy trying to get it on with someone else. A very dark corner indeed.

oh. and I saw a to die for deep cherry red dress in Third Millenium that had me drooling. I also saw sexy undies at BNT.

Must practice restraint if I want to travel in June.