Saturday, February 19, 2005

be still my beating heart

honestly. why do people have to fall in like, or love?

why can't we all just dissolve into blatant lust and just fuck like bunnies. Or whatever other animals we choose to compare ourselves to.

why is it seemingly compulsory for humans to have to fall in like, be attracted to personality, or looks, whichever rocks your boat? Oh that's right. Because we're sentient beings and fucking (or making luuuuurve) has consequences. Like kids and marriage and careers that implode. We have broken hearts that just won'tfrikkingmend and pride that we need to save and rumours to deal with tomorrow.

It's alllllllllllllllll about biology. Blame biology when all else fails.

Listening to: Tricky - Ponderosa


Anonymous said...

And also because us sentient beings get bored, in the end, if there's nothing but rampant lust. Even so, fucking like bunnies sounds pretty appealing most of the time.

Looks like you've discovered Schopenhauer's theory of love, as far as biology goes.

I wish I knew what that post meant.

Roy said...

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