Monday, March 21, 2005

what I'll be like at 30

I was having a drink with ChinaDoll and Jazz Player today, and I mentioned that sometimes, I reckon ChinaDoll is going to be what I'll be like 30.

and ChinaDoll actually agreed.

"Sometimes, I look at you, and...well, not to say that you're really young...but when I look at you, you remind me of what I was like at your age"

I hardly take that as an insult, since I think that I can see snippets of myself in her. And I was the one who brought it up in the first place.

It's an eerie feeling though. I guess I was the polar opposite of my mother in too many ways, and I'm nothing like any other females in my family save for my rabid independence (read: stubborn streak a mile long - my family is filled with strong females). I don't even look like anyone.

To see someone whom I think I might "grow up" to be like at 30 is very freaky.


she did say that if I were a colour I would be bright yellow because I'm so vibrant....but due to my vibrance I'm unstable. I'm not sure if she meant that as unstable or not. I guess I have mood swings- which would I guess, equate to emotional instability in a roundabout kinda way.

I have to say I'd like to think I'm extremely emotionally stable for my age. and even in general. I may be kooky and totally utterly screwed up, but for all that, I'm pretty goddamn stable and down to earth.

People who have seen my aura (if you believe in that sort of thing) have claimed that I am usually a bright purple/violet though.