Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I'm too young to worry my pretty little head about this

oh really now.

I've actually had conversations with former "old children" recently (we're no longer old kids because we're all over 21 for most part). And guess what. We're all afraid we're stagnating. Like we're just puttering to a stop just like that.

putter putter putter. backfire.

That somehow our maturity has reached a plateau and we're gonna be stuck in early 20s mentality when we're 80.

of course deep down we know this is horse turd. but well, maybe it isn't.

What recently irritated me though, was when someone actually said

(you guessed it) "you're too young to worry your pretty little head about this"

I can't remember who it was, or what it was about...but this was further exacerbated by one of PotatoQueen's ex's current boyfriend. (got that?)

Within 2 minutes of gerri and I sitting down he's asked us how old we were and immediately adopted a "look down the nose" attitude to us when he learnt of our delicate ages.

gerri inadvertently called him 'old' which pissed him off even more.

Well, since you're the one who started the ageism thing first!

I remember when ageism was a big thing to me. Way back when I was 14. You know the whole high school thing- Seniors vs. the Juniors. blah blah blah. The hierachy of the lion's den. Oh yeah.

Then of course, I grew an attitude. Like, hello! You are talking to the holder of Ms. Attitude '98 and '99 here! *snorts back a giggle*

And when I hit uni, I realised that while age does matter in some instances, it's hardly a barometer for everything.

Guys under the age of 25 are more likely to get incolved in car accidents. Younger people do indeed have less life experience as a general rule. I'm certainly not denying factoids like that.

But to judge purely on age is something I have learnt never to abide by. Especially in the past one and a half years.

chalyz is a good....2 years behind me. She's still my soul sis. She's far more mature than several 29 year olds I know. And she doesn't go on frenzied drunken sprees every single weekend like a certain 27 year old I know. In relationships, she's a whole heap more stable than a whole slew of over 25s (right to their mid-30s) that I know.

In fact, in certain aspects, I find chalyz ahead of me. Just like I'm sure she'll find certain aspects where I'm ahead of her. However, we view each other as equals. We are on even playing ground. She acts no different from anyone my age I've met.

In fact, sometimes, gerri can act alot younger than chalyz. As can The Diva. and there you have it, when gerri is an entire 24 hours older than I am, and Diva a whole year. Or so many other people I can name, we all fall between this small (and sometimes not-so-small) age range. and the differences aren't really that big.

We identify with each other. We get along. As friends, this should pose no problem.

No one matures at a uniform level across the board. It depends on where your insecurities lie. Or vices. Or how your life experiences have panned out.

I'll admit to being more cynical and jaded than the average, but hey. So. freaking. what. I'm also a lot more boppy than most 17 year olds you meet.

So please. If I want to worry my pretty little head about AIDS and euthanasia then let me bloody well do it.

It's not like all my head is stuffed with is the latest hair styles and cotton wool.

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