Wednesday, June 27, 2007

toilet cubicles and wrong calls

You know that really annoying toilet cubicle door that only opens sofar and not a millimetre more and you have to squeeeeeze through?


well, I was at Palms today and they had one of those toilet cubicles where you couldn't even do the chicken dance if you wanted to. (And if you do, I don't want to know)

It was a good thing my butt's gotten soft from lack of gymming of late, because I really had to squish my way through. Really not good for the bladder.

Also not good for anyone larger than a size 6, which boggles the mind when their specialities are so fattening (but so, so good).

What about fat women? Are they relegated to the disabled toilet? Are we as an Australian public finally recognising obesity as a disease? Is size 8 fat?

All these questions!

Relieved and back at the table, (getting out was the easy part since the door opened inwards) I then proceeded to sms a friend to tell her I was 15min late.

Of course, I had to sms a prospective employer instead. No, make that the MD of a prospective firm.

not a minute later, I received this reply

"Hi sway, sorry to hear you're running late! I'm still are you? MD (prospective firm)"

My guardian shakes his head disbelievingly at me. I have an attack of the giggles.

I finally end up writing

"slightly late thank you, thanks for your sms, seem to have my MDs and Friends mixed up. Hope it's not some godforsaken hour over there. Catch up when you're back!"

Since there was a difference of about 19 letters in between the MD's name and Friend's name, he must think I'm ultra-friendless.

May be good for job prospecting. *dry tone*

Listening to: Wrapped Around Your Finger - Tori and Bjork's remake of The Police


Anonymous said...

i think it's a good thing actually. it's a friendly reply nonetheless...

Anonymous said...

hi bec,

twang here. wanted to apologise for getting you involved for no reason in some weird-ass blog spat (i'm sorry!). happened to be shown a website and remarked that i remembered you talking about this girl from ages ago. totally didn't expect the fallout.

alright, see you around.

sway said...

Hey Tim,

no wuckers! :)

There was no link here, so it's not an issue.

Reynard said...

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