Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sexy never left, he was waiting for the right email

Recently, Steely-eyed met me up.

"You seen what Samantha posted on the thread recently?" he asked with a glint in his eyes.

"What?" I ask, munching on pasta.

"Go take a look. She said her usual stuff, blah blah...and then said that I was the sexiest manager in the world"

I proceed to choke on said pasta.

Sure enough, on the thread is her post blah blah blah....visit the branch here occasionally, still think Steely-eyed is sexier than the managers here.


So I spend the next lunch we have together bagging the crap out of him until my friend The Architect calls.

"Hey babe, having lunch with Steely-eyed. You remember him, my ex-boss?"

"SEXY ex-boss" he calmly smiles from across the table

Archi hears it and laughs. I shoot him my dragon lady stare

"sexy ex-boss he says," I repeat calmly into the phone as he smirks

"No lack of self confidence there!" Archi exclaims,

"Uh, none at all." I say, staring at Steely-eyed as he sits there mouthing "SEXY" at me.

I end the conversation fairly quickly before shooting him another glare as he looks just about set to start rapping "If sexy never left then why's everybody on my ca-a-a-a-aase" and paying for our lunch (my turn to shout, plus it was his birthday).

Which means that this is an official complaint letter to my dear friend "Samantha", who knows exactly who she is. LOOK AT THIS BEAST YOU HAVE CREATED. MAKE IT GO AWAY.

and by the way. drop him an email, you can't cock tease like that. It's cruel.

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