Saturday, September 02, 2006

The adventures of Nose Hair Man pt3.

If anyone's been reading me since my old days, you'll remember dear old Nose Hair Man.

Nose Hair Man, for those of you who aren't in the loop, is some weirdo Spanish dude with a huge thing for young asian girls. I don't know how he picks them, but he does. He usually walks round the city in a suit carrying a briefcase, and tells girls that he works as a chartered accountant "over there", usually pointing towards the Spencer Street end.

When he once handed me his business card, it was a YAHOO ADDRESS. no friggin chartered accountant worth his salt is going to give out business cards with a yahoo address.

Anywhoo.....he's attempted to pick me up at least 3 times. (not including the one time he approached, but then turned away again for some unknown reason)

Anyway, today, while looking like total shite at 11am in the morning, carrying takeaway boxes to Lis' place, he tried to approach me at Vic Mart, complete with trolley. I was going to cross, but realised it was a red light, and stopped. He on the other hand (and his lovely 70s brown trolley) was so focussed on me he attempted to cross when I did and had to pull back later, causing his trolley to lose balance.

I nearly laughed in his face.

He still attempted to chat me up despite my unwashed hair and extremely fetching pimple.

Note to Nose Hair Man- pluck that offending nostril hair, and join a bingo club or something. I'm sure there are plenty of swooning MILFs willing to fling themselves at you on account of your European accent.


Anonymous said...

Maybe he has a 'thing' for greasy-haired pimply girls!

Slinky said...

Hey, you're back! i thought you were moving the blog! Nice to see you're posting again though.