Saturday, August 05, 2006

my diet is too high in media

So....given the industry I work magazines count as "educational"? hmmm.

Anyway. I've been on the MIFF trail. I planned it carefully- no movies with a very high chance of general/art cinema release to maximise my dollar. Which means I ended up watching Perhaps Love (Chinese musical?!? too bizzare to pass up. Especially when it stars the divine Takeshi Kaneshiro), Everlasting regret (Sammi Cheng doing a very impressive Mandarin accent) Three Times (Hou Hsiao Hsien, Shu Qi....yeah why not) 4:30 (Singapore's bad boy deserves my 15 quid).

But all these Chinese movies with a Shanghai nostaligia have made me hanker for those classic oldies. Teresa Teng is rating very highly at the moment. (bu zhi dao wei le she mo....) Everlasting regret....DAMN YOU!!!!

and then I found the hottest thing....the Chinese version of the Verve Remixed/Unmixed series. Shanghai Lounge Divas Vol. 1 and 2. hmmmmm......hmmmmm.....hmmmmmm......of course, given my crap Chinese skillz, I'll need to nurse the lyrics booklet in my lap with a Chinese-English dictionary in my hands because I hate not understanding what a song's all about.

I've also gone all Muslim in my video rentals of late - Paradise Now and Le Grand Voyage....and I'm waiting for the fallout of MIFF to come through including all the political movies. AL Gore's An Inconvenient Truth is sitting at No. 1 at the moment. GLOBAL WARMING IS GOING TO KILL US ALL.

You know I've been doing too much media consumption when the theme party tonight has the theme "Space Mutant and Farm Animals" and when someone asks me what I'm going as I immediately reply "How about....dressed normally. Then I can pretend I'm Kim Basinger from My Stepmother Is An Alien". When I could have said something like....A pig from Animal Farm? (after careful thought, I've decided that bunny is the best way to go given that a) I already have the ears b) I don't need to step too much out of character as a destructive pest)

Seriously humming: The Rolling Stones- It's Only Rock and Roll (but I like it)

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Anonymous said...

My Stepmother is an Alien is CLASSIC.