Friday, April 14, 2006

meme from kavi

1. A song by a Beatle: Imagine by John Lennon

2. A song featuring piano as the main instrument: A Sorta Fairytale – Tori Amos…although it does have a synth drum…uh…..Speechless- Jay Chou

3. A song with a woman's name in the title: Lola…L.O.L.A LOLA…lolololo lola

4. A song with a man's name in the title: BILLY Jean? Jimmy Dean??? (That really old song- about Blue Jean Baby Queens?) update: it's called Rock On. Darn.

5. A song about money: Love Don't Cost a Thing- J.Lo

6. A song with weather in the title: The Four Seasons- Vivaldi

7. A song with parentheses in the title (these are parentheses): Pride (in The Name of Love) – U2

8. A song made by a punk band: Self Esteem- The Offspring (before they sold out)

9. A song with the word "song" in the title: A Song for The Lovers – Richard Ashcroft

10. A song you love so much you stop and listen whenever you hear it/put it on repeat mode and never get sick of it:
Ohhh. Uh.

Sting- Fields of Gold, Elvis Costello- She, Nina Simone, U2- One, Stuck in the Middle with you, 7 Nation Army – The White Stripes, Cocteau Twins, Faye Wong- Chesspiece; Stef Sun- Teh Oh Oh, Andreas Johnson- Glorious. Cake- Daria. Chunari Chunari, Balle Balle! (I'm such a closet curry), Collective Soul- Run, Massive Attack- Teardrop, Placebo- Every Me and Every You, Destiny's Child- Jumpin Jumpin', Nelly & N*Sync- Girlfriend, Seal- Prayer for the Dying,

I actually have a playlist of stuff I can listen to on repeat. This is part of it…can't remember the rest. Some portishead in there, and a lot more RnB


I love super-long weekends.


Anonymous said...

i do drop by now n then. haha. i wldnt dare to neglect anything related to u! wahaha


Anonymous said...

yay u updated

Anonymous said...

"Tori Tori Tori. She's a babe," said kissthewitch emphatically (read drunkenly).