Sunday, April 09, 2006

hellloooooo is anyone out there?

somehow, this blog has been so neglected I'm surprised it hasn't started sprouting ivy and moss off the sides instead of falling grey autumn leaves. I don't think even my old faithfuls back in da singapura read this anymore.

In case you're wondering, I'm at an internet cafe ($3/h- not bad)

anyway. work is fine. except that I seem to have no idea how everyone else manages to live off $2000 a month. I mean, sure Magicman lives at home still (which explains it), and some others live in Preston and whatnot, but surely I can't be eating THAT WELL that I'm always broke by the end of my financial month???? geesh.

so as an update. Last night I met a gravedigger.

He had some really interesting things to tell. For example, a family plot in my head was always like a family vault. You know. Like pyramids sort of, you cordon off an area, and that's it. It's the Smith Family Area. Hands and feet off assholes. and no plucking the daisies either.


Apparently, a family plot means you're buried one on top of the other! How's that?

and there's a really advanced science into the measurements of the hole, how to make sure the earth doesn't collapse in on you...all that stuff.

I was fascinated right through two drinks.

Also met a few people from work, finally figured out who the mystery Sudler and Hennessey girl was...and trafficdude was there at least half drunk and playing pool like a demon.

Salsaed a little with people who didn't know how to so we all just er....booty shook a little, before I caught a taxi home to call...who else but good old mum.

I've said it once, I'll say it again- Mum really should have thought about the repercussions when she sent me off at 14. Like me dead in a ditch of a drug overdose on any given weekend when I'm meant to call her and she's "worried sick" waiting for the phone to ring (but never actually picks up the phone to call).

Anyway, must remember to call gramps for her birthday. I always put it off because I don't understand the Cantonese she speaks (I USED to, and she thinks I still can) and I kind of go "yeah, ok,m uh huh". Although it's odd because...she understands English and Mando perfectly. Ah well.

It's nice and cold today, I'm loving the coldweather. this spacebar thing is annoying but I don't mind...especially when they're playing Prince's Purple Rain overhead.

Oh yes, I went on the blog rounds. SLINKY, if you still on the offchance read this, for gawdssakes, give me your password.


Anonymous said...

oh, you're alive.

Anonymous said...

I'm out here! And oh, sweet baby Jesus, I'm coming back from Japan... If I can find a clean patch of ground at the airport, I swear I'm gonna kiss it. Somebody bring a camera.