Friday, January 27, 2006


PopoZao baby.

If only you paid more attention to Britney's PopoZao hey?

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and please, watch James Lipton read PopoZao. Bloody fantastic.


Anonymous said...

was he trying to be funny? he still looks pretty cute..

sway said...

no no no. he was deadly serious. Did you see the way he got so excited about the song complete with weird hand motions and er..."FIRE!"

someone Save Britney. I'd say this has almost as high a priority as Save Katie.

sway said...

oh. and he has terrible dressing. he looks more hobo than the olsens.

Anonymous said...

i thought his dressing was normal. i was amused at the way he got so excited abt the whole thing! and ooh ooh finally saw the pictures! but just saw the top of your dress. WHAT THE!