Thursday, January 19, 2006


I have an attack of the rambles.

victoria's secret models

make you want to become a model: until you realise you'd have to be THAT tall, with legs THAT long and also become THAT skinny. (I reckon one or two of them were too skinny actually- but most of them were so gorgeous I think if I were a straight guy I'd implode)

and erm, it wasn't our imaginations. Apparently the "sort-of-but-not-really" Asian model we saw was Juliana Imai- part Asian, part Brazillian. and I think I found at least some of our other "models of interest" 1stly one of the too skinny ones- Michelle Alves. When you're named as "skinny" amongst a whole other list of VS models as skinny on the Who2Who site, you know you're too darned skinny.

and what the hell. I can't believe Klum has only given birth a few months ago...arghhhh!!!!

One redeeming thing about watching the entire show even though I'm almost about to pack my bags and flee to a fat farm, is that every "asian supermodel" ugly or not who's made it big really really really chinky eyes.

Yay for chinky eyes! Even Irina Panteva, the revulsion of every Singaporean and the toast of the Western world. "Dinner plate face" my dad called it - he's very imaginative that way. His other names include "Mooncakes" "Craters" "Flat Biscuits" (translated) and "Chinese Steamed Buns" (translated). He's very PC isn't he?

btw, in my search on Asian supermodels, Anna Watanabe came up and yes, she is Ken's daughter! Also came up with Charlotte Casiraghi (princess, not model) and Elvis' granddaughter- Riley (model and arguably a princess). Very nice lips both of them. and everyone knows I have a thing for Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Aishwarya Rai, the entire Casiraghi clan Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie nice lips.

things to do before I leave

well. We wanted to have a knock-back back day, where we'd make fun of ourselves and customers...whenever they ordered anything...we'd just say "AND DEN???" until they got the joke, or walked away in a huff. (dude! don't tell me you don't get it)

Then there was the one where we wanted to repeat customer's garbled orders back to us.

"So that was a Sucker, a Doom, a Babushka and a Christmas Tree with Warflays and Shuffles?"

goodbye letter

like the nasty lil' heifer you always knew I was, I now take my leave
into the even more cow-ish world of advertising!


I've tried to tell each and every one of you personally, but thought
I should tell people who aren't in Melbourne atm that no, I won't be
there to yell at you to "take drinks out faster!" "wipe the tables"
or "cover that damn banana or I'll make you eat it with the fruit
flies on it" when you come back.

aren't you all GLAD? ding dong the witch is...gone?

I'll still be lurking around Melbourne snorting at bubbly lattes and
posing with my wanker soy chai so don't you worry, you haven't seen
the last of me yet.

and if you really want your weekly witchy dose of sarcasm and dry dry
wit, (because you know, I'm so good at that sort of thing), just head
on over to the phonelist (you know, the one YOU should be looking at
when trying to find replacements- not making managers do your dirty
work for you) next to the phone in shop.

And if I don't pick up the phone, you know it's you. not me. ;)

heh heh heh


Anonymous said...

you mean no more waving at you like a git through the glass windows? *sad*

bun said...

No and then!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Who cares

Melissa Theuriau all the way!