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from LJ sg_makan

CHENDOL: The History Of Chendol - A Special Report

During 1900, the Indonesians started selling Chendol along Geylang. Chendol was the invention of Indonesians. It was formally a staple for Malays. However, the Indonesian hawkers were mobile hawkers, and chendol did not take off as a popular dessert then.

When the Indian Muslims started selling chendol, their soft and sily chendols became more popular then the Indonesians, and Singaporeans started to enjoy Chendol more often.

Chendol of the olden times were kept in a transparent glass bottle and without any cover. In the centre of the glass bottle were blocks of ice. A glass of chendol costs only a few cents back then. One of the earliest chendol seller Mr Maideen bin Ahman peddled his cart to sell Chendol during 1910. As he always came to the malay kampungs, he married a Muslim Indian girl in the kampung. In 1951, Maideen moved his stall into the Geylang Serai Malay Market, and set up a stall called Geylang Serai Chendol. In 1964, the 2nd Generation took over his chendol stall. Yunos worked hard for 30 years, and remain true to tradition - pure chendol without any extra ingredients. In 1995, Yunos set up his own ice factory in Singapore, and provided ice for hawkers in Singapore. In 2005, Geylang Serai Chendol has now been in the hands of the 3rd generation.

Geylang Serai Chendol - 169 Geylang Serai Market & Food Centre

During the early 1900s, the Hainanese were the servants and housekeepers to rich Nonya and Baba families. After the Japanese War, the Hainanese began selling food along the roads of Singapore. Many sold their food beside the early Geylang Cinem and Pasar Malam, and named their own chendol the Nonya Chendol.

During the 1960s, Singapore experienced water rationing. Many hawkers took this oppourtunity and sold Iced Nonya Chendol to Singaporeans due to the hot weather. During those times, the Malays, Indians and Chinese enjoyed a bowl of cold chendol. In the 1960s, the chendols from Geylang and Tekka were the most famous chendol. Even though the Indian chendol were cheaper, the Hainanese's Nonya chendol was more delicious, hence more popular. This is because the Nonya chendol not only had jade green chendol, but also red beans. The malays were also attracted by the Nonya Chendol, and the Nonya chendol became more popular.

As we move on to the 1980s, more cold beverages and desserts like Ice-Kacang and Cheng Tng became popular too. The government got rid of mobile hawkers and many Hainanese either gave up their chendol stalls or passed on the trade to others. Hollywood Chendol @ Bedok Bus Interchange Food Centre is the only pure Hainese Chendol left in Singapore. Its founder Mr Lee Chang Mao followed his father back then to Geylang's Hollywood Cinema to sell Nonya Chendol. After which, he joined hands with his partner Mr Xie Gui Ling and set up a shop in the brand new Bedok Bus Interchange Hawker Centre. He sold his chendol in a cup then, but now required a bowl to fill all the ingredients up. He was the 1st one who added new things into the chendol - Red beans, Chin Chow, Cai Yan, etc etc. When the MRT was up and running during the 1990s, his chendol stall became even more popular. Hollywood Chendol hence became a very famous chendol name.

Hollywood Chendol - Blk 207, #01-66, New Upper Changi Rd Cooked Food Centre

On the other hand, as more rich Indonesian Chinese migrated to Singapore, the Indonesia Chendol became famous again back in the 1970s. The chendol appeared as a dessert in Indonesian restaurants. In the 9080s, Orchard Road even had a "Chendol House", and sold only 10 over types of chendols. The Chendol House was very famous in Orchard Road during the 1980s. As the Chendol House branched out to more desserts, it was revamped into a formal restaurant, and became part of the dessert list in the restaurant.

shite. no wonder I only like the Hollywood chendol. It was the only chendol I ever ate. I am nonya to the bone.

I have no hope for chendol ever again!!!! WOE IS ME!!!!!!!


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Homesickness, Myst... Evil Myst... Argh, I miss you too much right now. Are you still gonna be in Melbourne over summer?

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YES!!!!! all by my little lonely self!!!!

Wind said...

can i ask, do you have any references for this fabulous Chendol history?