Monday, October 17, 2005


I was dinged at by a tram driver the same way truck drivers honk at you from their tankers, needless to say, I was most amused.

I was chatted up by some guy who was afraid of being bombed in Flinders, who thought my name was Muslim, and asked me if I could finish my "thick book".

I went for my second engagement party, another Indian one- but this one was Sikh.

I was happily munching on some asian sweet snack, when the writing caught my eye.

I hereby present my munchings in order of logical relevance:
I mean, the first three make sense....spelling otherwise.

then comes Squid- Black ink. Which is fine in the logical train of things....but then it says

"Rhinoceros- Think Big" as in the rhino is smart? or big in size?

and of course, the clincher "Horse- Gallop away"

did they choose that particular turn of phrase just so they could use the word "gallop"? Gallop isn't an everyday word you can use I guess, unless you really really want to, and then onlyy inreference to large dogs- assuming that you have a large dog. Sure, gallop has a rather nice trotting ring to it but lots of things gallop away. Other than horses. like donkeys, mules...even the odd lanky teenager.

I could if I wanted to.

listening to: Verve Pipe- Freshmen

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The Green Fairy said...

HEY! I was gonna post that up. I jus had a box of those Yanyan things. I shall boast that I got the "I have a lucky day" one at least. :P Was it chocolate or strawberry?