Wednesday, August 10, 2005


since I found out there's a forecast that there might be snow flurries in the CBD btwn midday and midnight today, I've been bopping.

I don't even know why I'm so excited when it's just a snow flurry, and I just saw snow by the tons in all shapes and forms a little over 8 months ago. Heavy snow, hard snow, powdery snow, snow men, slush, snow flurries, snow like rain but not heavy or wonder why inuits have something like 14 different words for types of how chinese have about 5 for rain. er, maybe snow flurries are like mao2 mao2 snow.

Anyway, offkilter was complaining about freezing her ass off, and saying Melbourne weather is nuts, winter starts in August. Don't worry babe, it may be the start of spring by 3pm. She thinks the weather is nuts. I love the nutty weather. Makes me feel at home in a mad world where I am mad.

Anyway, I was listening to Sohne Mannheims, a band I "discovered" in Switzerland, and getting all X'masy, and now I really want to download Pavarotti's O Holy Night and Aguilera's treatment of The X'mas Song. and we can go all Americana Christmas-y.

American X'mases. Even if you like nothing else about America, love their X'mases because truly, they sure know how to go about it.

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