Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Caffeine Addiction- Full Blown

you see this? This is a coffee.


Yes. That's right. 2 cups a day to be precise.

When the clock struck 3 and there was nary a hint of caffeine in my system, I was flipping the finger out at everything.

The customers were driving me nuts and small little things were tipping me over and pouring me out like the little crackpot I am.

At one point in time, I simply glared at the glass cleaner sitting beside some wooden boards, vowing to KILLKILLKILL the person who had DARED to clean wood with glass cleaner.

I mean, who the hell does shit like that. Right?

Glass cleaner cleans....you guessed it! GLASS!! No shit sherlock!

and it's not like the cleaning solutions are indistinguishable. It's a very pretty blue (like one of my favourite chemicals in chem class....potassium sulphateII? Copper Sulphate II!!!!!). The others are yellow and purple (Iodide?? that stuff that turns to carbon when you add acid and you have to use that radiator thing to suck everything up, it was a pretty purple nonetheless)

and as far as I know, no one at work is colour blind. I mean, we all have varying levels of lactose tolerance, but as I can percieve no direct correlation between lactose intolerance and colour blindness, not to mention that most of the staff are female and this decreases our chances by about....30%, IT WAS PISSING ME OFF.

I was literally losing it. Over glass cleaner on wood.

So I asked (not very nicely) for an early break, skulled 2 cups of coffee (1 strong, 1 normal strength) and within half an hour, all was well with the world.

The customers were not growing 6 heads; I wasn't going to kill the coffee maker because she'd yelled at me about opening a second bottle of skinny to make my latte because dammit, she was in the way and I wanted my coffee NOW and she's lucky I kept my mouth shut because hell, if I had opened it her head might not still be attached to her neck; the glass cleaner issue was like. EH?

and I came to the sorry realisation that yes, I was an addict. and my name is myst.

Listening To: Billie Holiday- Speak Low (Bent remix) {kickass as kickass can be}


The Green Fairy said...

Thank god you don't smoke.

sway said...


Anonymous said...

and the difference between the yellow and the purple is...?

sway said...

yellow= degreaser

purple= sanitiser.

Adam said...

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