Monday, April 18, 2005


I had a dream a few weeks ago that my landlady was about to throw me out because my apartment was too messy. So I started cleaning it.

Unfortunately, I messed it up again.

Today, I recieved a letter stating that my apartment is "untidy and unclean" and that if it is considered "tidy and clean" by Friday that it was be cleaned by cleaners at my expense.


In fact I was so pissed off I shot off this email.

Hi Maragret,

In your letter dated 18 April, it is stated that my apartment is "untidy and unclean" and that I "have been burning candles".

While I will definitely acknowledge that I am untidy, I object to the status of "unclean", by which you were probably noting the unwashed dishes.

I would like to point out that I had just been told that my best friend's cousin has been murdered and that I had gone to meet her without washing my dishes, or throwing out my trash.

While I understand that you were not to know this, the idea that unwashed dishes can constitute "unclean" still disturbs me.

The "untidy" and probably assumed unclean clothes on my couch are actually quite the opposite- they are freshly laundered, put there for me to fold before I return them to my cupboard. Again, I left the house without doing this.

There are also groceries in the hallway- again, left on the spot due to a hasty exit.

My apartment does not smell, nor have stains, and I do not even put pictures up on the wall...and my bathroom is certainly well kept. Again, it is (and I acknowledge this) untidy, but definitely not unclean.

As for burning candles, I would like to note that these are candles brought in from the time I moved in (2 years ago) and were used previously. Many of them do not even have wicks lighted; the lamps/candles are there purely for decorative purposes.

I understand and have read the YMCA House Rules and have not lit candles within the YMCA premises.

Since I am graduating in July, I will be throwing out most of the mess (mostly books and magazines I have collected due to my course requirements) and while I can get rid of most of them by Friday, certainly not all of them will be disposed of by the time you come and visit.

I will however, make the effort to tidy the house up in expectation of a visit, and perhaps arrange things in a more presentable manner.

If you would like to come back on Friday as stated, then I would be grateful if you consider the circumstances. (and the fact that everyone doesn't wash their dishes immediately every once in a while)



ANGRY!!!!!!!!! INSULTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BAH!!!!!!!!!!

p/s I'm bloody allergic to dust!!!!