Monday, April 11, 2005

all this Hofstede bullcrap is messing with my head

even more than Magnolia Mango Milk TVCs

or in fact, Japanese Schoolgirl Panties worn by sweaty poledancing men

although Mulit and Russell Peters do amuse me quite a bit

I find it quite affronting that we can be boxed into such minute detail. Such vast generalisations!!!! Then again, I have to say that many parts of it are quite true if you really *have* to box people up into little takeaway chow-sized containers (despite the fact that I'm preparing a presentation that's challenging Mr. Hofstede) and it'd be in character for a Singaporean to mutiny on a BLOG.

Still. It's messy. And it's messing with my head. I'm starting to relate everything back to international advertising. Which is plain disgusting. The advertising more than the international.
Who said advertising wasn't evil. Take it from me. I'm the advertising student.

Also messing with my head: Lauryn Hill's To Zion

oh yeah. apparently there's a chiobu listing of bloggers going round. They somehow managed to miss angela, karen cheng, silentgirl and cheryltan. HOW COULD THEY!!!!! someone complain!!!!!