Tuesday, November 15, 2005

the singapore blogosphere is a zombie lynch mob

EDIT: oh check it out! Yahoo news now gives the option of searching blogs for news too!

EDIT2: oh great. NOW they find the vaccine. if you haven't the faintest what I'm talking about, refer to Octber posts.

really. they are.

something about the singapore blogosphere sometimes reminds me of the singapore climate, the singapore mentality, in general.

My boss once told me that back in Israel, killings and murders and suicides would always increase at the start of the hot season, and sometimes I wonder if the whole of Singapore is just....a sauna you can't get out of.

Resulting in cranky cranky people who sit round nitpicking, being judgemental, and making value judgements that really aren't any of their damn business.

offkilter once mentioned to me "DO THEY EVEN REALISE WHAT THE SG BLOGOSPHERE IS LIKE?" and she's right, given half a chance, these people will rip you to shreds just because you don't conform to their idea of whatever it is their idea is.

and chalyz once commented what a huge phenomenon blogging in Singapore is, to such an extent that she's uncomfortable with reading Singaporean blogs because they're....more PR than most.

if they can't find fault in one way, they'll just pick on some tiny thing that seems wrong and gnaw from there. and then people jump on the bandwagon. and then people start wanting attention, and so they start making even more inflamotary remarks.

even on my predominantly US-readership old blog, the only ones who started blog wars on my blog, the ones who left snide comments, they were all the singaporeans.

I don't know. Sometimes, I really miss Singapore, and sometimes, I don't even understand it. The more people talk to me, the more they realise how far apart from Singapore I am...how I don't even understand half the cultural contexts, subtexts. and sometimes, even talking to other people, I realise how Asian I am in some ways, and how un-Asian I am in so many others.

What the hell is the big fucking deal? honestly.


Indian Stallion said...

I couldn't agree more about the sg blogs. And I think I know what caused you to make that comment.

They really need to get a life.

Anonymous said...

seriously most of them write the same way. as if...the entire world revolves around them.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Singaporeans are suffering from some national mental illness that is perhaps yet to be discovered in the medical world.

Anonymous said...

I think we'd like to think there's some big fucking deal, which is why we're making such a racket.

You know what they say about empty vessels.... =D

sway said...

well you know, it's not only that...but even stuff like....the circular logic and nitpicking they use say on tomorrow.sg...the nguyen case and the squabbles going on the various threads...or just read xx's comments. sheesh. *waves hands*

everything is "jealousy" blah blah.

sway said...

or even....it's just the mentality....like I met someone (now an old friend) who'd read my blog before meeting me...and thought I was a boaster who wanted attention and was boasting about male attention because I was complaining about dodgy men. WTF!!!! DODGY MEN. does anyone really need dodgy men?

but my other friends soon corrected him, and he started reading with a new idea of who I was...so that by the time I met him, he was pretty cool with me.

but that just reflects the way singaporeans thing. you can't do anything right or wrong. you don't talk about anything at all, you're a boring fuck. you talk about anything at all, and there's an attention seeking whore right in front of you.

and for girls, if you don't have pics up, you must be fat and ugly. If you have pics up, you're a slut who just wants a fuck.

I don't even know why I care enough to write this comment in an effort to explain my post, but I do....because deep down, I know I am classified as a "singaporean blog" too.


I SHALL BE AN AUSSIE BLOG. I relinquish all singaporean blogging powress!!!!

Anonymous said...

hi babe! hope you're doing fine.. blah.. i dont blog normally now.. haha... you see a familar face in the newspapers way too often.. so its not safe! :) and dont go on that crash diet! eat more chocolates.. they make u happy!

sway said...

but why is it so bigggggg????

schtuckers said...

here's what I think the big deal is:
all of a sudden stinkaporeans have the freedom to opine. and when they do so it's mainly to prove that a) they're bloody smarter than you are and b) they're bloody smarter than you are

sample blog entry:
"here's a video of the ants crawling on my kitchen floor. ain't it cute?"

comment-or: "wahlau this ants ah, damn slow hor. the ants in my house faster than this, know or not?"

blogger: "really, your ants are faster?"

c: "you think i got bluff is it?"

b: "well, no. anyway they're just ants. i thought they were cute"

A: "my ants got walk faster!"

noelbynature said...

I'M LEAVING DEC 16TH!!!! (why?)

sway said...

oh stucks....that was so funny. I don't even think singaporean anymore, so it's really funny to read it. HAHAHAHHA

noel- I'm just asking! I didn't realise you finished so fast!