Saturday, November 12, 2005

me and my short hair

ok, embarrassed as I am about my photos beside the beauteous Dawn Yang's visage, I'll play fair, especially to the people I only communicate with via my blog.

Miss you guys. love you guys. will post better ones once I ring and beg pris to fix my goddamn hair so I don't look like a goddamn 16 year old MGS schoolgirl complete with kinky glasses.

in fact, I shall email pris right now.

I shall do my best gay-man-in-woman's-body-with-15-year-old-face....


I SO, LOOK LIKE, A 15 YEAR OLD. I mean, Lolita is like, so hot right now, but this is like, CRRAAAAAAAAZY!

I need more ooompph! OOMPH! Pris! OOMPH!

so can you do something dahhhhhling????


Pris, you know I'm joking. I'll ring you up right now and speak to you in normal tones. Promise.

absolutely faaaahbulous dahling.

still addicted to Roksopp with additional listening on the side to Dishwalla's Angels and Devils, courtesy of the beautiful Loon. Thanks again dude.


sway said...

seriously, it's so bad I am seriously considering making contact lenses my default eye-correction.

I am SO NOT lolita. it's so at odds with my personality!

Anonymous said...

Actually I like it. It looks nice and summery. :D

Anonymous said...

No problemooo

Eh, what Dawn Yeo visage?

sway said...

what, you don't think she's gorgeous? I mean, she needs her teeth fixed, but that's about it!