Monday, November 21, 2005

I need to be let out more often

apparently I need to be let out more often. Because I seem to be getting natural highs on simply not being at work. I'm serious.

and no, it's not the chocolate/coffee talking.

I was let loose on Friday for an old-school staff reunion (only 3 of us still work there) and we finally settled into a TAB. rofl. so there we were, 6 crazy people in a TAB full of middle-aged pokies addicts, really getting stuck into our beers.

Afterward, I met someone else from work at the Gin Palace, and her boyfriend introduced us to his friends, who are all just as crazy.

I laughed till my stomach hurt. It really isn't everyday you get a crazy Columbians tell you that people are constantly asking them for drugs just because they're Columbian. I guess maybe if they travel in groups of 2 or more they actually look like an organised crime outfit. *poker faced look*

Today, we all went up to knifepoint highpoint for a little work outing, and I promptly got high in the car, and started giggling at everything and anything. my friends were just looking at me and going "Shut the bitch up"

before resorting to shut-kids-up tactics like

"you wanna waffle?"
"because if your mouth is full maybe you'll stop giggling and making no sense"

"look over there!"
"what??? what????"
"nah, was trying to distract you"

I really wasn't make any sense come to think of it, although it all seemed very funny at the time. Like a restaurant named "chicken palace". I had the most ludicrous image of chickens literally ruling the roost....little courtier chickens and chickens on thrones....chicken knight errants against The Jelly Factory.

There was a childhood memeory I was basing it on, I can still remember a few ducklings swimming in a fountain over in New York, and a poor doorman having to walk the ducks to and from their swim, along red carpet of one of the classiest hotels in New York. I always found it so grotesque that I probably will remember it for the rest of my life.

Anyway, we reached highpoint, and BOUNDED out of the car, sprinted into the mall screaming at the top of our lungs, and running like there really was a person coming after us with a knife and an intent to stab. the people inside could hear us coming from a mile away.

all without the help of any drugs legal or illegal. We're just nuts. Stir crazy at the thought of AN OUTING.

we are so deprived. and yes, I need to be let out into the excercise yard a little more. kampung chicken tastes better.


I want someone fired. Really. I mean, it's not just the fact that his face looks like the entire pubic region. He also talks non-stop to the point where he frightens customers.

no, I am not being mean. We call him pube-face behind his back because he has facial hair that looks...WRONG. not to mention the hair on his head sits just so.

He literally grabs customers hands, and he traumatised all of us by kissing us.



well, yeah, he's got boy germs. I don't know him. I'm not letting his boy germs anywhere near my girl germs.

Listening to: Andy's newest Lemon Jelly. (not made with chickens from the chicken palace)


Anonymous said...

i didn't know you guys call him pube face!
ahh well. yeah he kisses everybody! i think he's deprived!

Anonymous said...

300th entry is up and running! I’ll be back to comment properly when I’ve finished moving house!

Thanks! :-D

Anonymous said...

Sounds scary.

Have you tried a can of raid or something?

Cheers, Godbless.

sway said...

I got a wet kiss in my ear the other day. I was traumatised for 20min.

Anonymous said...

is he really that revolting? might pop by just to see it for myself. abit like the freak show circus.

sway said...

he;s working sunday