Sunday, November 13, 2005

I told you I look like I'm 16


was putting through a transaction today, and I was happily chatting to this old couple...and I mean old. not old enough for me to expect them to be home with slippers and a cat, but old enough that I'd call them nuovo-riche retirees...the type you'd expect to live in an open-plan house and spend their weekends sailing, or in their case, cycling.

and after the transaction had gone through, the wife walked away to find a table, and the guy stayed behind, made sure his wife was well out of earshot, and leaned in

"you get full marks for service...and cuteness"'


I pretended I didn't understand in true Asian "I no speak Engrish" style, and said

"aww. thank you!"

and prayed he would shove off given a growing queue behind His Smarminess.

I. will. never. wear my red plaid skirt and fuck-me boots with this hairstyle. EVER.


Anonymous said...

gee, can there ever be a problem with wearing fuck-me boots?


Anonymous said...

...not to work anyway...

Elsewhere, in another time, and another place..

Who can say?

Cheers, Godbless.

Ah_Hock said...

hur hur... :)

wear wahtever you want! men are all idiots anyway.

Cept me.

I'm perfect.