Sunday, November 06, 2005

for a certain friend

yeah so I don't update as often as I used to. I know. 2 jobs and 7 day weeks tend to do that.

The weather's far too hot. I feel feverish even when I'm not sick...or am I? I get headaches...and I've been having fucked up dreams.

other than that, well, I guess the highlight of my day has been Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

2nd only to Johnny Depp. something about boys named Johnny.

actually, let's talk about boys.

see, it's the intense look I like. The dark hair, tanned/dark/dusky skin, the light eyes that I like. the piercing stare. And I like them lean.

I even think girls like that are hot. Jennifer Conolley, Angelina Jolie, Aishwarya Rai, Dita Von Teese. well, ok. Dita isn't that tan.

everyone says I like them skinny but it's not true (see above), and my friend claims the only reason why the guys have such intense stares is because they're really hungry and when they see any human being all they can think about is eating them.


well, that's one genre down. People don't understand that I don't really have "types" I like guys of all colour, shape and heights. I just have a predisposition for lean tan ones.

which brings me to cat eyes.

you know, like Tyson Beckford. perhaps his body is a little too buff, but his face. hmmmmm.

and pelvic bones. (see above, and refer to calvin klien models)

and bee-stung lips

and high cheekbones

and everyone knows about my 3 minute crushes that last for the duration of a song that any random guy who can sing happens to be singing.

oh and of utmost importance- HAIR. I don't care what hairstyle you wear, so long as it suits.

So there you have it. my fetishes in one blog post.

oh. and arm veins. No bodybuilders thanks- just nice.

Like this. random guy's arm gotten off the internet. Hope whoever he is doesn't mind.

as my boss once said

"guys actually don't mind being objectified...unlike girls."

and I'm hoping it holds true in this case.

listening to: Royksopp- The Understanding (Deluxe Edition)


Anonymous said...

wooo hoooo!

*flexes veins*

P.S. What's your email/MSN?

Dishwalla coming up

Anonymous said...

I TOTALLY agree ... my ex (the death of me) fit right in that profile.
Can't I get the bad boy look without the bad boy???

Anonymous said...

Wahaha, gimme a nice, prominent nose and a pair of glasses sitting atop it. A stern face that is instantaneously transformed by a smile. And piercing eyes. Mmm.


Anonymous said...

mmm jonathan rhys meyer just oozes sex appeal. he's so hot...

the lead guy in "chasing liberty" was pretty hot i thought! in a very would-be-nice-to-have-you-as-a-boyfriend kinda way.

check him out. unlike you, i'm not really a fan of cat eyes ;)

sway said...

loon: where? where? where? I WANT!!!! (not your veins lah. the song)

marlo: what?!? I don't even get close to these magical creatures.

PS: I like piercing eyes...but in all honesty, I'm a hair girl

chalyz: the guy is so not hot.did you think he had cat eyes? nono. I mean like kyle shmid. or do you remember jonathan brandis? but I think just striking contrasts.....jared know....

see the "wouldn't it be nice" boyfriends would have the look of matthew mcfayden...that oc boy...the talkative one...even ben stiller. or the typical ABC look. can't describe!!! the not-so-kwai-but-still-kwai-at-heart kinda look.