Tuesday, June 14, 2005


my father is going to kill me when he sees how coffee stained my teeth are. Must hunt for whitening toothpaste. Cannot look like alcoholic hobo.

I've noticed this since taking the plethora of photos I've been taking. I swear I've never taken this many photos in my life. I'm infamous for not taking photos. But now because I'm never seeing all these people ever again, the camera comes whipping out at every possible moment.

Anyway. As promised.

English Rose's 29th.

KLB, EnglishRose, Peru, Me, Miss Sunshine

Leese's 30th/farewell aka this is what I look like after 9 hours at work 2 days in a row with no time to 'touch up'. (Her DAD loved my present. HA! It's ok because she has a cool dad)

I look like a homocidal maniac I know, but in the other pic,

she has her eyes half closed.

oh the pitfalls of trying to keep your eyes open through blinding flash.

I've decided I have a great camera that takes bad night shots. This is a general consensus of people who own my cam (Amy, Hall) that it somehow flattens features and makes people fatter, while highlighting things like eyebags, bad skin, and white undies under black clothes- oh. and it's motion blur is so so so sensitive and the resolution goes grainy.

anyway. Please note that all staff are actually depressingly good-looking in real life. ( I have more pics of more staff but that's from another night)

I want an SLR more than ever.

oh. and I liked it at the Long Room so much I'm considering holding my early birthday there.


Anonymous said...

i like your top.. :)

sway said...

thank you! it's Satch. boohoo. going back to SG, no more divine shopping!

Anonymous said...

ooohhh. satch.. no wonder.. ;)

Anonymous said...

For a nice camera consider the Lumix FZ20. Amazing zoom range and packed with features for a reasonable price -about $450 US

P.S. I am not the least bit psychotic or megalomaniacal, and having just seen your pic, I think you are a babe. yah