Tuesday, April 24, 2007


While waiting for Mena Suvari to call me (No, she just looks like Ms Suvari) and trying to digest lunch (Monash Uni chicken risotto) and recover from my day off today which entailed 3 suburbs and a lot of dairy products (some weekends, I need weekdays to recover) I decided to try and make the longest, most pointless sentence ever. I was also trying to fit in the fact that I was supposed to play badminton tonight as well but came home due to unsuitable footwear.

Well, that, and checking out the much touted beautifulpeople.net.

(Click on link in subject header)

Have you tried clicking it? Try it. I mean other than the fact that you will apparently see the world's most attractive singles, you will also find that beautifulpeople only supports Internet Explorer 5.5 and above.

Apparently while there's an 80% rejection rate on the site and only the truly beautiful can turn up there as voted by other beautiful people, they won't even allow the accursed mac or firefox users to even access these visions of beauty.

given the mac ads that have come on lately... sure pc, permission given to view beautifulpeople.net. HAHAHAHAHA. Whoever designed the site needs to hire some interactive designers.

I think I'll just have to resort to perving on real people...as soon as Mena calls to tell me where the hell I'm supposed to be.

Reading: Good Omens. and I am laughing my ass off.

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