Saturday, February 04, 2006

Poochy Keen!

and so ends my 1st 9-5 5day week in a long long time. oof. and yet it's all gone past in a blink. Well, part of that may have to do with poochnation's launch, or the fact that I was homeless and bumming at bryyin and killingculture's place.

I mean, sure, it was more like 8.30-6.30. and once it was even a 7.30-6.30, but it had it's lulls and wasn't GOGOGO all the time. AND. I've already managed to inadvertently insult the boss during a company meeting. I sure have sure footing. I feel like a frog on a lily pad. Only heavy.

and I'm sure that my job description should really read "stalker" since that's all I seem to do.

How do people working office hours manage to run errands? No wonder there's internet banking and Bpay. But when there's bills to be paid, insurance to be done, and tons of other errands to run, how does one fit it in when all the damn shops close at 5pm?? I feel like I'm missing out on some special warp time that every other working professional seems privvy to.

I think I need to apply for a credit card so I can pay for my bills online.

I've also realised how disgustingly healthy everyone is. They're all about salads and detoxes (with 1 or 2 biscuits on the side). ech. me? I'm still scoffing. Not good when I seem to be steadily ballooning.

Met the clients I seem to also have insulted (gosh I'm good), slide. let it all slide. sllliiiiiiiiide.

I'm a short little girl. I can fit into a suitcase (believe me we tried once, they zipped me up, popped me into a lift and sent me down to the ground floor) I can hide for a while.

p/s Pam! Pad! I miss you! Did you get it Pad???

Watched: Initial D. Jay Chou reminds me of my cousin Smurf.

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Anonymous said...

I miss you lots too babe... Good to see that you're getting along fine at work, keep it up and soon you'll have enough savings for the both of us to do that paragon ho thing with me.