Saturday, August 27, 2005

Oriental crackers

You see these Oriental Crackers in a chips bag?

They're no ordinary chips.

They're keropok!!!!! They're actual Cassava chips!

and they don't taste like duck, I think someone went into the Asian grocery, bought a pack, decided hmm. This tastes good maybe we should manufacture this to the masses but we can't call it Cassava Crackers- too boring and risky sounding. and we can improve the packaging.



exotic, crackers that sound fun, and we'll name it something exotic like....PEKING DUCK!

That should sell! I mean, Asian flavours are So Hot Right Now.

Whatever, I'm going back to the Asian grocers for my fix.


Anonymous said...

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The Green Fairy said...

Okie............. Anyway, those crackers are good. I dont care what they taste like, they make my Baba blood sing...

Shall head to Coles and get some. No need for any asian grocer :P

charlene said...

Ohh Red Rock Deli. I've never seen those before here (Perth) but i'm guessing they'll be hitting the supermarket shelves before long. It's like you said - everything called Asian is so hot right now, whether or not it's Asian.