Sunday, February 05, 2006

Poochy Keen 2

Apart from poochyboyone getting Diesel to pose with bags to send over to bryanboy, we also had PoochNation's launch that I mentioned in the last post.

What you guys don't realise is that I spent most of my time laughing my ass off at them Poochy People because well....ok. Take a look.

While I was slaving away in 130% office monkey mode, dear old poochyboyone was er, trawling the streets in post-apocolyptic Melbourne with the Pooch Nation sign, and matching dog. What? Who said he was dressed to match the dog? The dog was MADE to look like him! See radioactive tongue? yeah well, we tried to make him keep his tongue where it belonged. He wouldn't listen!

(and now we know for sure, post-apocolypse, the trees will be purple and we'll all have blue-tongued lizard genes)

Of course, there were heaps of people staring at him, and sure enough soon enough, the Japanese tourists started flocking.

And we all know that when Japanese tourists start taking photos, they never stop and a queue starts forming. In further proof that China is taking over the world, the Chinese tourists started asking for photos too! Shot #8, Pose #3.

Even the parents decided to get in on the action, "Hi" back to you cool dude with the ray ban sunnies and sad sad outfit.

By the time I was out to lunch, poochyboy was NOWHERE to be seen despite the fact that he claimed he'd walked around my area. (and I'd run out for lunch specifically to see if I could see him and laugh at him while pointing and giggling Asian schoolgirl teeheehee style)

He even had a brush with the law, when a security guard decided to take his name down justincase he was protesting. erm.....sure. ok. We're carrying a giant placard selling services and you say we're protesting. How much more capitalist would you like us to get??? Do we need to put in a "I had 300 calories today, that is so not sexy" statement down the bottom?

Whiffing: Diesel's farts. (because I'm a moving refugee)

P/S I've decided that the "soooo not sexy" line is my phrase of the month, like, that is so not sexy.

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Anonymous said...

pooch nation. they're not who i think they are...are they?

babe do you have a new landline number? tell me! wanna talk to ya! you have to tell me all about the clients you insulted..the boss you dissed... etc etc etc.