Saturday, February 11, 2006

in case no one gets it, this post is sarcastic

not been online because I don't have a computer. bumming and unceremoniously hijacking friend's comps while they slave over a hot stove.

2 weeks in and I've made so many boo-boos it's a wonder they haven't fired me yet.

yay me. must be my natural charm. that and my unsupassed barista kung-fu.

been cleaning like a madwoman and still receiving bites. it's odd. I'm convinced there's an insatiable evil mosquito on the loose somewhere in my office AND at home, hellbent on making sure I die of blood loss before my PR application can be rejected.

Oh to live on borrowed time and life on the edge. It's no wonder I fling myself out of planes.

AND. I'm still saving up to try and go home in May.

life is so hard.


Anonymous said...

I applied for "some kind of PR" in Australia too & am now back in Singapore. I am thinking I will reject the approval when it comes, which is expected to be in about 2 months' time. Decided Sg is ok. It's not perfect but there is no perfect place in the world anyway. Job opportunities are alright, although I am still anxious about getting any offer. My case is special. My field is quite specialised and not so many openings. Anyway take care mate.

Anonymous said...

Chin up love! It won't be rejected ok, and if it does, there are ways around it and I'll let you hijack my computer anytime!

You take care ...

moritheil said...

It's sort of sad, but what immediately struck me was how awkward it must be to be without a computer. In any case, best of luck with the savings and the war against the mosquito.