Sunday, January 23, 2005

Let's Talk About Sex, Baby

I watched Alexander, and I actually liked it. For what it was (a biography) it was really quite good…a biography with narration by Anthony Hopkins, it’s good and bad because of that. Without Hopkins, you wouldn’t follow much of the story or believe a biased account and accuse Stone of portraying a romanticised version of Alexander the Great. With Hopkins, it sometimes breaks the flow of the movie.

Alexander lagged a bit in the middle, but is seriously a quality film. Colin Farrell isn’t half bad, and all the eye candy can act! (shock! horror!) the cast of Alexander makes me finally understand what other women mean when they say a movie with a feast of eye candy.

Historically rather accurate, the sexuality issue didn’t even occur to me until I started reading the reviews and imdb (and later on found myself at the official website). Largely panned by the American critics, I somehow suspect that this movie will gain recognition as time goes on.

Having dinner with my friends last night, we got to discussing ancient Greek philosophy and mindset, or more specifically, those topics in terms of sexuality.

Eros, Platonic Love (in the way Plato defined it), and the different types of Love defined.

My friend went on to name several types of sexual relations, and quoted different types of sex, love and desires (other than with ‘your woman’). (The word “wife” doesn’t exist in Ancient Greek or Hebrew either)

The Bible only states 3 kinds of sex being “evil” with no mention of homosexuality being wrong. (if you go back to reading the texts in its original language) AND the idea of a Pure Love between men, (platonic love) where there’s no sex involved necessarily, but all other quotients for ‘soulmate’ status are there no longer exists in modern society.

On the flip side of the coin, women weren’t considered exactly human in those times, much like how Africans weren’t considered human in the 18th century. Well, not really.

Still one wonders at our boundaries of sexuality. While not all of us are Christian, Judaeo-Christian thought pervades almost all societies today, as part of being a ‘developed or developing’ country.

And many Christians sit there and yell at ‘aberrations of nature’ when in many species about 20% of the population is homosexual (and is shown to be uniform in many human cultures, from The US to Australia to China) when their bible, if they go back and read it in its original language, does not actually agree with what they are saying.

While many people cannot reconcile the idea of two people of the same sex being in love, most focus on sexual part of the relationship.

Perhaps the gay and lesbian community have this to blame with their own culture, and yet, most people who don’t like the idea have no friends or know no one who is “crooked”. Of course this makes perfect sense, since if you don't agree with it, why the hell would you hang around with them? But the people who distance themselves from former best friends who come out really sadden me.

While the whole world is looking for Romantic Love, why do we frown on people who have found it simply because they are of the same sex?

If you got to know some of them, and saw that not all of them are promiscuous, and see the love in their eyes, see the devotion they have towards one another, you would understand why I believe it isn’t wrong.

And there is so little love in the world today, even between straight couples.